What we do

We manufacture and commercialize all variety of products that the vegetable tanning let us, at the national and the international level.  To this end, hides and skins from calf, cow, goat and horse are continuously in our drums for becoming in the perfect leather for a multitude of final products.

Therefore, our leather is employed in FOOTWEAR (ankle boots, country boots, etc.), LEATHER INDUSTRY (bags, handbags, belts, wallets, leather pouches, chaps, etc.), and all SADDLERY around the hunting and horse sector.

To achieve the specifications required by our customers, we manufacture a wide color range (dark, tobacco, black, toasted, hazelnut) and thickness (from 0.8mm to 4-4.5mm). Both full skins and subdivisions (shoulders, butts, bellies, bends, etc.) are manufactured in our factory to achieve the needs of our customers.

In addition, we are international importers of wet salted skins and crust leather. In all cases, we have a top suppliers network guarantee the best trustworthy raw material.

All our work is done with ecological vegetable tanning techniques, respecting the environment. This is demonstrated in the following certificate that we offer to all our customers: